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by Swiss Institute for Disruptive Innovation 

Technological acceleration is going to change your market

Jobs, investments, the education of our children, lifestyle, and security, are just a few examples of what will experience a radical change.

Knowing in advance the impact of disruptive technologies will allow us to make the best choices for our future. Watch the video below!

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Turn threats into opportunities,
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Online - OCTOBER 2020

The First Online Workshop on Disruptive Technologies

Highly Recommended for:

Professionals, Entrepreneurs, Managers, Students, and whoever wants to become a future market leader.

Technological changes will impact all industries soon; it is only a matter of time.


The Disruptive Workshop is a 3-HOUR ONLINE EVENT that will take you into the world of disruptive technologies.

During the workshop, you will figure out the future scenarios that the impact of disruptive technologies will open in the next years.
Sharing information, ideas, and reflections in the various areas of knowledge in a form as close as possible to brainstorming are the main elements of the event.

Technological acceleration is setting new standards and new patterns. With a simple and understandable language, the disruptive workshop aims to spread the knowledge of the innovations that will soon condition an ever-changing world.

It will be a fascinating but also beneficial journey, which will give you access to topics and information (and new points of view) that are not usually covered.The workshop will allow you to look to the future less uncertainly and to make more conscious decisions.

“We cannot know what the impact of disruptive innovations will be on the world as we know it. What we can do is try to identify and analyze emerging trends and technologies that have the potential to produce a major change in economic and social systems

A Sneak Peek Of The Program

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First Block


What is disruptive technology?

All disruptive technologies have some characteristics in common that hold their potential. You will find out how to recognize them and how they impact existing systems.

The timing of the change: the disruption curve

As human beings, we identify change as something sudden. But the change curve rises slowly and takes a long time to reach its peak. Understanding this process will allow you to gain a competitive edge.

Shaping the future: convergence between technologies

The future will not be defined by a predominant technology. You will discover the incredible scenarios that the convergence of technologies could open in the coming years



Neural Links

Competing with the most advanced forms of artificial intelligence, enhancing memory and processing capacity of the human brain, creating digital copies of ourselves, creating a network of connections between humans and machines…

Immersive Experience

An overview of the most innovative companies, start-ups, and products in the field of virtual and augmented reality, and immersive experience that will open our eyes to the possible scenarios of the future.

Quantum Computer

Quantum computing exploits the properties of quantum physics, making computers “think” in a different, non-linear way. Calculations that today take years will be done in a few moments.

Genetic Engineering

In the past few years, scientists have revolutionized our ability to rewrite the genetic code to eliminate diseases or give creatures whole new traits. Today, it is possible to modify the genome of any living being with surprising ease.

AI & Deep Learning

How does a computer recognize a face? How far can this capacity of machines be pushed? What today seems obvious to us was simply unthinkable until a few decades ago.

Space Colonization

The process leading to the human colonization of space has already started. Soon, human stationing will be operating on the Moon and Mars. There is a turning point in human history and the start of new forms of economy and business potential.

Figure out what will be the Impact of Disruptive Technologies on your Business

The Speakers

Key Expert European Commission, CTO Mito Technology, Advisor Progress Tech Transfer Fund

Andrea Basso

European Commission Key Expert, PhD Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, CTO MITO Technology, Adj. Associate professor University of Victoria BC (CA), Business angel, startup elevator and mentor.

CEO Brick 42, Board Member @Right of Reply,
CEO Advantera

Tom Brooks

International scientific and business communicator concentrating on early-stage technology companies and innovation management. Formerly Managing Director of Biopolo Ticino, Director of Development and Communications at the Institute for Research in Biomedicine (IRB) and lecturer in the faculties of Visual Communication and Interaction Design at the applied sciences university SUPSI. Formerly CEO of several technology, biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies.

Director Swiss Institute for Disruptive Innovation, Founder of Newbiquity, Inventor

Pietro Veragouth

Founder of the Swiss Institute for Disruptive Innovation, entrepreneur, innovator, inventor. He holds over 15 patents in the fields of augmented reality, holographic projection, telepresence and body scanning. Between 1996 and 2005 he wrote operational manuals on online marketing, CRM and unconventional marketing. He is vice-president of the Foundation for Cardiopathic Children in the World and owner of 4 companies that originated from his patents.

For 30yrs IBM Director of Tech&Innovation, CEO RnB Gate, Angel Investor

Fabrizio Renzi

For 30 years IBM director of technology and innovation IBM CEEMEA, which includes Russia, Eastern Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Currently CEO of rnbgate,rnb4culture, rnb4africa, VP strategy Bio4dreams Worldwide expert in AI, Big Data, Blockchain, Quantum computing and edge computing.

Board Member at Swiss Institute for Disruptive Innovation, Innovation & Marketing Expert

Igor Ciminelli

CEO of Blackstage consulting. Communication expert with an international experience in new media and online sales strategies. Formerly social media and marketing advisor of the European Commission. Currently working as strategy advisor for many companies in the media industry.

Managing Director at ADYA, PhD in Molecular Oncology

Silvia Panigone

PhD in Molecular Oncology, Master in Management of Economical Resource at SDA Bocconi. Currently General Partner at ADYA Consulting and startup coach for Innosuisse. Formerly Managing Director Europe at I-Bankers Direct equity funding; advisor and responsible for venture investments at BSI bank and Fund Manager of BSI-Healthcapital venture capital (Generali group).

e-certificate Included

What Attendees Say About Workshop

“I have found this course to be an eye-opener. Brilliant!”
Robert Martin
"I had an idea of what the future would be like, but I realized how much I have to change my beliefs. Interesting workshop!"
Marie Chantes
“I used to think linear. Now I understand what my limit was.”
John Keller
"If even one-tenth of what has been said comes true, it would already be very upsetting."
Tiago Rutschi
“I was overwhelmed by everything I saw because I thought I knew about innovation. Instead, I realized that when it comes to innovation, you never stop studying :)"
Luca Cereghetti
"On the one hand, what I heard terrifies me; on the other, it excites me. I still don't know what to think about it. However great presentation !!!!!!”
Hans Schroder



Change your beliefs, Face the Future, Join the Workshop

Online - OCTOBER 2020

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The Swiss Institute for Disruptive Innovation (SIDI) is one of the points of reference in the scientific investigation scenario. 

SIDI identifies and analyzes emerging trends and technologies that can disrupt existing processes and produce a significant change in social and economic systems. SIDI’s s mission is to help companies and institutions to face upcoming challenges, providing know-how and a revolutionary set of new skills.


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3-hours Online Workshop


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