Life in space is becoming more concrete every day. This course will allow you to acquire the necessary skills to become a designer of space environments, both for spaceships and homes


50 accesses available at 50% off

50 accesses available at 50% off

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Architects, Interior designers, Engineers, Architecture students, and anyone who wants to become competitive in the field with the highest potential in the space industry.

If you want to become a key player in the future of architecture, don’t miss this opportunity!

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Space Architecture as a business opportunity: upcoming scenarios and applications to life on Earth.

A basic understanding of the spatial environment and its architectural implications, knowledge of selected important concepts of historical examples of spatial architecture, and overview of the field of spatial architecture and its job opportunities.

Overview of human factors to consider when planning for humans in space, critical issues in habitability, and their interdependence with architecture.

Familiarisation with spatial terminology specific to Space Architecture, understanding of life on the ISS, approach to design for zero-g.
Scenario design for Lunar and Martian bases, strategies for planning a multi-element outpost, and how to conceive settlements on planetary surfaces in stages.

Examples of Martian and Lunar environment simulators, analysis of their capabilities and approach to designing a simulator or simulation.

Overview on ISRU potentials on the Moon, assessing options of ISRU for lunar long term colonization strategies, different 3D printing technologies.

Overview on ISRU potentials on Mars, assessing options of ISRU for Martian long term colonization strategies, different 3D printing technologies.

Space flight parameters applicable to terrestrial architecture, biospheric systems, design reciprocity for space and planet earth.

Advice on the best actions to take to become a space architect and successfully enter the space market.



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frequently asked questions


Does the course require live participation?

No the course is entirely ondemand and consists of video-recorded lessons that can be accessed from any device and at any time from the students’ personal dashboard. However, online meetings are organised throughout the year (for members only) for Q&A sessions with speakers and experts in the field.

Who are the instructors?

Barbara Imhof and René Waclavicekis are internationally active space architect and designer researcher. Co-owners of LIQUIFER, their extensive experience ranges from NASA’s Johnson Space Center in Houston to the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA) Space Architecture Technical Committee (SATC). Barbara and René are pioneers in the field of space architecture in Europe.

Why should I take this course?

This is the world’s first on-demand Space Architecture course. The Space market is one of the emerging economies with the highest potential. Acquiring Space Architecture skills today means opening up unbelievable professional and business opportunities.

Does access to the courses have an expiry day?

No, the course have lifetime access.

Does the School issue certifications?

Of course, once you have finished the course, you can download the School of Disruption certification, recognized by the Swiss Institute for Disruptive Innovation and the European Center for Space Exploration and Colonization. The certificate can be attached to your CV or registered on LinkedIn.

Any other questions?

Feel free to write to support@disruption.school to request any information about our school and courses.


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Discover the 4 pillars of the School:

Extraordinary arguments

The school covers subjects and topics related to the main emerging trends and technologies. This know-how is essential to be competitive in the near future markets, and we decline it in its practical applications.


Time is the most crucial resource. The School of Disruption’s courses are hands-on and content-focused. No turns of words and no waste of time to lengthen the broth. We get straight to the point without needless chatter.


We want to democratize access to innovation and the know-how you need to innovate. For this reason, we have created courses that will allow you to acquire the knowledge you are looking for without attending an 8-month master’s (or MBA).

International expert

We don’t believe in gurus. We are a group of researchers who have made innovation their life mission. All of the school’s instructors are internationally renowned experts with extensive experience in their field. Theory without practice is like power without control.

The Instructors

Managing Partner & co-owner of LIQUIFER

Barbara Imhof

Barbara Imhof is an internationally active space architect and design researcher. She is a co-founder, Managing Partner and co-owner of LIQUIFER. Prior to starting LIQUIFER, Barbara did a short stint at NASA Johnson Space Center in Houston. She has pioneered the field of ‘space architecture’ in Europe and is a member of the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA) Space Architecture Technical Committee (SATC). She has been teaching at renowned institutes in Europe and the United States, for 20+ years.

Managing Partner & co-owner of LIQUIFER

René Waclavicek

René Waclavicek started his career working in design and construction planning for terrestrial buildings. In 2020, he participated in the Lunar Base Design Workshop (LBDW) organised at the European Space Agency’s ESTEC Centre in Noordwijk which was the starting point of his career in space architecture. René applies his skills to interdisciplinary research, design projects and complex geometries, including parametrics. 

What People Say About the School of Disruption

"If even one-tenth of what has been said comes true, it would already be very upsetting."
Tiago Rutschi
“I was overwhelmed by everything I saw because I thought I knew about innovation. Instead, I realized that when it comes to innovation, you never stop studying :)"
Luca Cereghetti
"On the one hand, what I heard terrifies me; on the other, it excites me. I still don't know what to think about it. However great presentation !!!!!!”
Hans Schroder
“I have found this course to be an eye-opener. Brilliant!”
Robert Martin
"I had an idea of what the future would be like, but I realized how much I have to change my beliefs. Interesting workshop!"
Marie Chantes
“I used to think linear. Now I understand what my limit was.”
John Keller

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